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Do you know those nights where you’re so drunk that your consciousness floats in and out of awareness? Those nights where you wake up in the morning and your memory from the night before is a hazy jumble of images and sensations and you’re not sure how or why certain things happened, or if they even did at all?

What about those nights where you “come to” in the middle of your black out? A friend of mine once told me he regained consciousness while leapfrogging over a bollard. Needless to say, his landing hadn’t been graceful.

That was the type of night this was. A momentary lapse in awareness fuelled by alcohol, where subconscious desire took over.

I woke up with his hands down my pants.

Let me start again. I wasn’t asleep – and he definitely wasn’t molesting me. I just don’t remember how we got from A to B. At point A, we were on my couch, a polite distance between us, chatting about family and friends and drinking a disgusting homemade margarita. (I’ll give you the recipe some time. It involves pouring salt directly into the mixture and thinking that’s a good idea.)

At point B, I could feel his lips pressed against my own and his hands in my underwear.

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