Cassidy Spencer

Social Media

Social Media Marketing


If you're not on social media, you're not where your customers are. We're all social creatures living in a digital world, which is why it's so important for businesses, sole traders — anyone looking to make an impact — to have a social media presence.

I have years of experience in social media, predominantly in the telecommunications and real estate sectors. Whether you need help managing your existing social media profiles or building your brand from the ground up, I can help. I cover all aspects of your campaign — from the initial audit, to the post scheduling and analytics, right through to community management.



Stephen Whitaker

I plan, write and schedule the posts on Facebook and Instagram for Stephen Whitaker's real estate profile. The aim of his profile is to humanise real estate. He is just an average guy working for a living who can help you make money on your investment.

I showcase this in each post is by using simple, occasionally humorous language and imagery. Content either shares Stephen's knowledge or the experience of other homeowners.



As MOVOX's Marketing Coordinator, it was my responsibility to post on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for the business. The aim was to provide knowledge about digital communications solutions and relate to business owners looking to improve their productivity and communications.

I showcased this in each post by sharing blog posts, features of the products MOVOX supplied, as well as relevant curated content from others in similar industries.


Community Management


I helped manage Telstra's Facebook and Twitter pages. While I was working in this role, we reached over 900k customers and received on average 90k incoming customer posts per month. My primary role was to create engagement, escalate high-risk cases to the relevant business unit and liaise with stakeholders. 

In some cases, where I had the skillset to assist, I would personally resolve the customer's enquiry. My success at this allowed me to foster trusted relationships and create advocates for Telstra, all of which was evidenced by the replies of thanks and praise Telstra received from customers upon their enquiries being resolved.