Cassidy Spencer | Writer

Cassidy Spencer - Writer

I write because otherwise I talk too much.


I write because otherwise I talk too much.


Cassidy Spencer

I'm a natural-born storyteller and I've picked up some skills along the way, including writing articles and short stories, as well as content for SEO, social media, email, flyers and blogs.

I work as a content specialist and have experience developing digital marketing strategies for a range of industries. I’m also currently writing a memoir and I manage the Facebook page She Rants, posting about a variety of topics.

I love writing about relationships, personal development, technology and digital marketing. I’m fascinated by how we develop connections with people, animals, places, even inanimate objects — and all the feelings in between.

Feel free to get in touch. I’m always looking for a new challenge and enjoy helping people find the right words to share their stories.