Cassidy Spencer

Cassidy Spencer - Writer

After moving from Adelaide to Melbourne in late 2016, Cassidy has followed her passion for writing. View her portfolio online.

Cassidy Spencer

Cassidy Spencer


I’m a natural-born storyteller and I’ve picked up some skills along the way, including writing content for SEO, social media, email, press releases and blogs.

I love writing about relationships, personal development, technology and digital marketing. I’m fascinated by how we develop connections with people, animals, places, even inanimate objects - and all the feelings in between.

Feel free to get in touch, I’m always looking for a new challenge and would be happy to have a chat.


Articles I've written about love, relationships, marketing and more.


Does Clickbait Work? (The Answer Will Shock You!), for WME Group.
Hey Men, Stop Taking Our Rape so Personally, for Athena Talks.
How to Drop Hints About the Engagement Ring Style You Want, for Raffini Jewellers.
Are text messages the new love letters, for P.S. I Love You.
Send Nudes, on Medium.


The Real Difference Between a Relationship and a Not-Relationship, for Thought Catalog.
What You Need From Relationships When Your Love Language Is Touch, for Thought Catalog.
The fine line between love and hate, for P.S. I Love You.
Does the good still outweigh the bad, an audio story on Medium.
Why 1300/1800 numbers are good for business, for MOVOX.


I'm in a co-dependent relationship with my smartphone, originally for Telstra Exchange.


Nice words from friends, colleagues and clients.

"She has the gift of the gab!" - Grandma.

“Cassidy’s professional writing is always clear and fit for purpose. She can elevate a CV from a boilerplate bore to something exciting. I love her personal writing too. Her articles are interesting, well reasoned and accessible” - Alexandra Kane.

“Reading Cassidy’s work is a genuine pleasure - her writing manages to be professional and stylish while at the same time exploring ideas which are deeply personal and heartfelt. I always look forward to the next publication” - Daniel Carabellese.

“I can always rely on Cass to proof any writing I may have for work or otherwise. Although listening to her pronounce words is always quite a laugh. Her skills definitely lie with the written word!” - Emma Reilly.